1969 Gibson ES330TD
I bought this guitar from Jon Butcher. Remember the Jon Butcher Axis from the early 80's? Well after having much regional but minimal national success he went on to have more success as a Hollywood composer for TV and movies. But he really was a guitar god all along

He recently moved backto the Boston area and gigs around town from time to time.

My old friend Thom Gimbel played in his band, Thom went on to become a classic rock "super-sub", first playing keys with Aerosmith on two world tours, now playing guitar in Foreigner!

At any rate, I bought this about 10 years ago from Jon, sight unseen. It's a nice guitar, and it even has an internally reinforced body a la ES335, but ultimately it suffers from the typical long-necked ES330 problem of a weak neck joint, so I have a lot of trouble playing it in tune.

Early ES330s had a neck that joined the body at the 17th fret, later on they built them to connect at the 19th fret, which is the same as the ES335.